On 8 June 1810, the composer Robert Schumann was born on Zwickau's Hauptmarkt. On the occasion of the opening ceremony of a Robert Schumann monument in Zwickau in 1901, the musicologist Max Friedländer suggested to set up a Schumann Museum.

A museum committee was soon formed, which was able to present a special exhibition in the auditorium of the Zwickau grammar school on Robert Schumann's 100th birthday. Then in 1956, on the 100th anniversary of the composer's death, a permanent museum memorial was created by combining the birthplace with three neighbouring buildings from the 19th century to form an ensemble. Since then, there has also been a large concert hall in the building complex, where concerts and lectures are held regularly. Today, the Robert Schumann Haus in Zwickau houses the world's largest Schumann collection with numerous manuscripts, original portraits and possessions of the composer and his wife, the pianist Clara Wieck.