Shortly after 1800, a circle of literary figures, artists, scientists and politicians met in the manor house in Kunersdorf, built between 1771 and 1774, the so-called Kunersdorfer Musenhof (court of the muses). In 1813, Adelbert von Chamisso stayed here for several months and worked as a botanist. In 1945, the castle and the old patronage church were destroyed. Of the former historic building ensemble, only the villa built in the park in the 1920s as a former castle annex still exists today. It is privately owned and houses the Chamisso Museum, opened in 2019. The museum is run by the Kunersdorfer Musenhof e. V., which made the museum possible with its own funds and donations. The exhibition provides an overview of Adelbert von Chamisso's work.