The author Jean Paul grew up in the Upper Franconian village of Joditz (since 1978 part of the municipality of Köditz), where his father had taken up a post as pastor in 1765. The vicarage belonging to St. John's Church in Joditz, where the author spent his childhood years, still exists today, but is privately occupied and therefore not accessible. Jean Paul's father used the summer house in the former parish garden to prepare his Sunday sermons; the children spent a lot of time in the surrounding garden and learned their grammar lessons here, for example. A so-called weaver's cottage was built on the site of the original garden house in 1893. Since 1988, this building has housed a private Jean Paul Museum, which was set up by the Schmidt couple and, after Eberhard Schmidt's death in 2016, has been run by his widow Karin to this day. However, a new operator has been sought for some time.