The three-story, late Gothic house, reminiscent of a castle, is the oldest preserved secular building in the town of Schlüchtern. In 1797, it was acquired by the salt administrator Wilhelm Stickel. Since Philipp Wilhelm Grimm, who administered the Hanau offices of Schlüchtern and Steinau, was a friend of Stickel, he and his children - including Jacob, Wilhelm and Ludwig Emil - came to visit repeatedly. In 1902, the building became the property of the city of Schlüchtern. After some renovations in 1970/71, the local history museum of the city of Schlüchtern moved in. Between 1978 and 1982, the building was completely gutted and given a new layout. After the turn of the millennium, the premises had to be renovated. In the course of the related work, the permanent exhibition was also redesigned. In 2007, the museum could be opened in its current form. On the first floor there is a room dedicated to the most important representatives of the Grimm family, displaying personal items from their possessions as well as watercolors, drawings and graphics by Ludwig Emil Grimm.