The museum, which opened in 2001, is located in a 17th-century town house in the middle of Marburg's old town, but it is not one of the authentic sites of Romanticism. Personalities who lived in the university town of Marburg at the turn of the 19th century are presented here which include the lawyer Friedrich Carl von Savigny with his wife Kunigunde (Gunda) née Brentano, the brother and sister Clemens and Bettine Brentano, the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who studied with Savigny, the autheress Sophie Mereau, who married Clemens Brentano in Marburg in autumn 1803, the superintendent and philosophy professor Carl Wilhelm Justi, the classical philologist Georg Friedrich Creuzer and the pastor Johann Heinrich Christian Bang, who officiated in Goßfelden near Marburg.