The writer Jean Paul was born in 1763 in the teacher's house of the Wunsiedel Latin School, where his parents had a servants' flat on the ground floor. After two and a half years, the family moved to Joditz. The building was later extended by one floor and soon developed into a memorial. It first served as a school and later as a Protestant community centre. When rooms became available on the second floor of the house after 2010, the previous meeting place of the Lutheran youth was moved upstairs and Jean Paul's birth room was reconstructed. The room was restored to its mid-18th century structural condition according to contemporary plans. However, since no original furniture was left, furnishings such as the bed and wardrobe were recreated following historical models. On the 250th anniversary of Jean Paul's birth, the Birth Room was opened as a memorial room on 21 March 2013. Responsible body is the Evangelical Lutheran Parish of Wunsiedel.