How it works

First, select one of the three categories: Persons, Locations, or Paths.

Under Persons, the research station presents the names and portraits of 46 important representatives of the Romantic movement, listed in alphabetical order. After selecting one of these Romantics, you see, on a map, their place of birth and death, as well as all the places they lived and visited. In most cases, their motives for moving or travelling are also explained. In addition, a timeline indicates the date of their birth and death, allowing you to see whether they lived a long life or died young.

Under Locations, you find a list of the important sites of Romanticism. It is arranged alphabetically and can be easily searched using the first letters of the place names. The places where Romantics lived or visited for longer periods appear in bold, while the stops on their trips are highlighted in grey. Symbols identify not only the eight main and three secondary centres of Romanticism, but also the sites where memorials still exist today. After selecting one of the centres, you are shown which of the Romantics lived there. Coloured bars along the timeline indicate the length of their stays.

Finally, the Paths section provides you with a complete mobility profile of every person. You can even select and compare several people.