Research Station

One of the attractions in the Deutsches Romantik Museum in Frankfurt am Main is the interactive map found on the second floor of the permanent exhibition. At a media table with a touch screen, you can see where the most important representatives of Romanticism lived, where they travelled, and whom they met. To avoid cluttering the screen, we have limited the number of Romantics to just 30. Beyond this core group, though, there are many other artists and scholars who played an important role in Romanticism or were closely associated with the movement.

In order to make it easier for you to obtain information about this expanded group, we have developed an internet-based research station as an addition to the permanently installed media table. It provides further details about the places the Romantics lived and the paths of their lives. It enables you to access – at any time and from any location – the same database used by the interactive map. The research station includes topographic profiles of no fewer than 46 individuals and in some cases can tell you where they lived down to the day. Wherever possible, it also contains a complete list of the places each individual visited.